About us

About us

Wright Towing Company Inc

Here at Wright Towing, we understand how unpleasant and upsetting it is to break down or be involved in an accident, which is why we offer quality service to our clients. You will never have to wait hours at a time for one of our trucks to arrive when you need to be towed. We have both the equipment and professional crew to meet any of your tow-out and winch-out. We understand that it’s impossible to avoid any accidents, which is why we offer our service to clients who need to be towed for various reasons. Your car could have been involved in a crash. Or maybe, you could have locked your keys in it, or it will not start. It does not matter what the reason is, we will come to your location and tow the vehicle for you. If you need a local tow company, the staff at Wright Towing is here to take care of all your needs.



With all of our services being centered around your emergency needs, we have a long-standing commitment for a 24/7 agility!


We have a very talented and passionate auto-towing crew here, all of whom find it their life mission to help fellow car owners in distress!


We value each single customer we have, to a degree when if you refer your friend in an emergent situation to us, we’ll provide them with a discount!


We aim to make our service fees to be reasonable and affordable to any other driver out there. We never capitalize on your emergency!