Winching or Winch-out Service is provided to pull the vehicle if it becomes stuck, typically in mud, sand or snow, uneven pavement that can cause a loss of traction, on a small parking barrier, etc.

Most coverage requires that the vehicle is not more than 100’ from a paved surface.

What should I do when my vehicle becomes stuck? The most important thing to do before calling for assistance is to assess the situation so you can provide as much information as possible about the location and conditions.

Providing inaccurate and incomplete information may cause the service to be delayed due to bringing the wrong equipment.

Here are a few things that will assist with your service:

  • Where are you stuck? –  Address, cross streets, nearest highway.
  • Are you at or near the location? – If not how far and in what direction from that location is the vehicle.
  • How far are you from a paved surface? –Try to provide an estimate it in feet or meters that the vehicle is from a paved or solid surface.
  • How many tires if any, are touching pavement and which ones?
  • Why are you stuck? – pulled off the road; slid into a ditch.
  • What are the conditions? – muddy from rain, snow or just lost traction.
  • Will a winch-out be the only service that you will need or will you require tow service after the vehicle is winched out?  If the vehicle is not drivable the vehicle will be towed by one of our fleet of trucks.


Is a winch-out the same thing as a recovery?  Not usually.  Typically a winch-out is provided when the vehicle needs assistance to get back to a paved or solid surface from a reasonably accessible location.  A recovery is typically when the vehicle is not easily accessed and cannot be extricated by simply pulling it to a paved or solid surface with the winch cable.  An example of a recovery would be that the vehicle has overturned and has to be turned back over before it can be winched out or it has slid down a steep embankment.  A recovery will also be more expensive since special equipment, tools and truck may have to be used.

If you are unsure about the type of service you need, provide as much information as possible for the Service Coordinator to assist in determining your needs.

If you feel that you are in immediate danger or unsure of your surroundings, dial 911 immediately.